Monday, August 30, 2010

Sock obsessed !

So I have finally done it! I have made a wearable pair of socks! and maybe it took me seven months to do it since it was my purse knitting , but there they are!

And they fit!
Of course I did have a set back (or several) and the major one happened with the second sock,I was almost done when I decided I didn't like the heel and ended up frogging it . That did not end well for me as you can see.

I thought I was going to run out of yarn. But as you can see by the above pictures I didn't. and below is what I have left.

Those being done (finally!) I caught the cast on bug and not just any cast on bug I have the need to cast on more socks!
Those will be plain vanilla socks

And I blogged about this yarn not too long ago and thanks to everyone who commented these will become anklet socks! (and my new purse knitting )

Since I have thought of nothing but socks for the past 2 weeks I started flipping threw my sock books and landed on this . These are from Wendyknits toe -up socks for everybody aren't they pretty? The first thing I thought of after saying " I have to knit those" of course was I don't have any yarn! (which is untrue of course), the second thing that came to mind was I don't do cables and yet these make me want to learn. I think I'm becoming sock obsessed.

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Sue said...

Congrats! Once you finish one pair it's a slippery slope to becoming obsessed! :D I love knitting socks.