Monday, October 11, 2010

I am Ready!

So I was out today not only to pick up my mother's birthday cake but to get paint as well as rubber mallet (suggested by the ashford spinners group) for my spinning wheel which arrives in 3 days! but then I got to thinking (cause this is me ya know) what if I needed a screwdriver? then I looked down and saw a pack of allen wrenches well what if I need those? and so.My tiny shopping list turned into this ........ I am ready!

I also added to my stash last week as you can I have stepped out of my zone and gotten reds and pinks. The skein on the bottom left is monkeypal in peppermint ice cream which is 420 yards and a merino nylon blend, The top skein is Spud and Chloe in red hot and its 248 yards of wool and silk, and I last but certainly not least the bottom right is ..............Bugga in tomato frog 450 yards. I have to say that I really didn't understand the hype about Bugga but omg its like butter.

And finally this book has been released and I have gotten it! The Book is called KnitWit 20 fun projects for beginners and seasoned knitters
While I love all the patterns in this book and want to make them all, these three stand out as my favorite

Really I have no clue how that got there...honest is October after all l ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Big Announcement

As many of you know I have made the decision to leave Labyrinth house publishing to pursue the rest of my career with with a new publishing company. Since I feel that I have not been given the same treatment as the other writers the company employs. I have heard many rumor as to why the company has not promoted my book as it has others but until the full truth is known that is what they will be rumors.

In the meantime I have decided to move on My new blog will be found here as well as updates on Welcome to Silver Rose and all my future books. It will also be home to my video cast out this month!

On a Happier note I did finish spinning the sea wool
Which came to total of 392 yards! I think that is the most I have ever spun. I just may get those handspun socks I've been wanting!

And there it is the first sock from the frogged bakersfield yarn that everyone thought would make a great sock. And of course you were all right this yarn was destined to be socks and has knitted up lovely I am still knitting on the second sock (which I started yesterday). I think this pattern is wonderful and will also be great for my handspun.