Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yarn and the sleeping Basset

So not too long ago TLE came out with their own line of solid yarns and of I had to buy its yarn after all ;). So I cast on the Pettine shawl

What I like: it has a stiffness to it that doesn't let it curl all except for the scalloped bottom

What I dislike:it until you start working with (at least to me ) it feels a little rough which I am sure will change once its been soaked and blocked , after knitting with it for awhile it does start to soften up !

Over all I would by this again!

Finally I organized my stash! and Of course I did not think I all that............... Does this qualify me for hoarders?

There was a yarn avalanche that happened right after I took this which proves my point My yarn does attack people (mainly me!)

And Lastly Daisy who had surgery 2 weeks ago has recovered with the help of much spoiling,Including a care package sent by Lucy Dog and Jen which she loves you both forever for it !
Her stitches came out yesterday and of course after getting fussed over by everyone . Daisy did what she does best


Sue said...

I am SO jealous!! I really am! Gimme that stash! lol
Aww Daisy and I have something in common! ;)

~RaenWa~ said...

Can I come bye and raid your stash lol. I need to organize mines badly. I am glad Daisy is feeling better.