Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Catching Up!

A few months ago my laptop which was 5 years old died taking my entire life with it (sad isn't it?) so when I bought a new this is what I got a Dell mini isn't it cute!

And small! I use my little Wedge bag to measure it

My next to the last Loopy Sock kit came in and I love love love this one ! The yarn is yummy and the patterns are now in my must knit pile and I love the lotion bar!
Lastly down the street from me there is this house and since they took the porch off its been bugging me . Yes there are a lot of houses like these where I live and when I say a lot I mean one on every,but there is just something about this one that I love. I think its because its has that haunted look to it and I don't mean the ghost kind I mean it looks like it has history of some sort, anyway the day I took this picture they were cutting down the overgrown dead tree in front of it.

And when I saw that my first thought was because they were going to tear it down so I asked if one of the guys were the owner one of them was and I asked to take the picture he asked why and I told him " because I just love the house for some reason" I think he thought I was nuts but he let me take one then told me to come back in 6 months because they were remolding the entire building (I guess he didn't think I was too crazy after all!) I seriously can't wait to see what they do to it and maybe get a peek inside !

Just a reminder that Saturday is the Big Day I'll be at Borders in Monroeville Pa From 2-4pm if your in the area stop by and say hi!