Sunday, March 28, 2010

Retail Therapy and Roving club

Saturday was a great mail day as you can see !

My first package was from owned by thechickswithsticks , It was the last shipment in her 3 month roving club which I highly recommend you check out her shop or join the next round of the club , the roving is 75% super wash and 25% bamboo and its about 4oz the name of it is Sherwood forest I think its lovely. I think the best part of being in a club is getting something you normally wouldn't think to buy or pick out. This was the second time the club has ran and I really hope she does another cause its so worth it! and she is such a gem to deal with .

This week I needed a little retail therapy and went browsing at Theloopyewe and I fell down hard after promising not buy any yarn this year. Up first is a skein of paca-peds H-T with co- ordinating heel and toe mini skein the color is My darkest Secrets and thinking about it now that colorway almost defines my book ......almost

Now here's the thing about this skein thought I was expecting to see the mini with and it arrived no mini skein :( I thought maybe it got lost while being packed.......

But oh no its cleverly hidden inside the larger skein (which I didn't know ) and as you can see there is the extra 25gram mini skein in hot pink.

And of course I could not go to TLE and not walk away without fiber that is gales art 70%alpaca 30% silk 2 oz

and 7 oz of 100% baby alpaca by alpaca with a twist

and lastly I got a skein of Cashbah in the seastrom colorway

and there was also a sock pattern.

What can I say when I need retail therapy I really need it! Lol I also got Respect the spindle which I am reading right now and will talk more about late this week

til then happy knitting :)

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