Thursday, April 1, 2010

Donation Wednesday

I Spent my Wednesday destashing some of the very first yarn I ever bought, cause to be honest I am never going to knit it all ( did I really just say that?). So got it all together along with some books that I have never used and extra needles and packed them all up!

My total was that whole tub +8 books a mix of knit and crochet +4crochet hooks+ 4sets of knitting needles which was all given to the local Senior center.

Leaving me with this

But don't feel bad for me I have extensive stash of the good stuff as you have already seen! This like I said was part of my entry into knitting I guess we could call it,for some reason when I first started knitting I thought I need all this yarn (which I still do think that ) but I really wasn't sure how to use it or what it was for, I think that's what happens when you get the bug you tend to start piling up til you learn which yarn is for what and how to read pattern .(yes I bought pattern books with out knowing how to read them)

But I am truly happy to be able to find the yarn a good home with people who I know will love it.

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