Monday, March 22, 2010

welcome to sliver rose

Being a wiccan is something that has been in my family since well forever so when I wrote Welcome to Sliver Rose I wanted to give it that feel of being something that was passed on, of course my book is fiction so there will be things there that aren't even close to how being a wiccan truly is.The book is in its final edit and I hope to see it out sometime late this summer its my first book and I'm sure like any writer I find myself nervous about it because its like baring your soul to the world. So what is it about you ask? Well its about a small town that doesn't really exist.......or does it ? A prominent witching family (3 in fact)falling in love with someone you would never expect ( I wonder if he could be considered a someone you'll have to be the judge ) there's some spell casting and tarot reading and course a twist (isn't there always?) all of this is over seen by the mysterious man who runs the town and yet we know nothing about it.

So I hope for now that gives you an idea about my book please keep checking back here for updates on it as well as my twitter and face book page

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